Bradford Bushido Ryu Shotokan Karate Club (est. 1985)

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  1. Regular training - You should train twice a week in order to make good progress. Train more often to progress faster but be patient. You will get out of it what you put in.
  2. Don't forget karate even when it is difficult to train. You can practice on your own but will benefit from training with others.
  3. Keep away from smoking, drinking and other drugs as best you can.
  4. Respect all others particularly the higher grades.
  5. Be patient; there is so much to learn.
  6. You can never perfect anything, but you can work towards perfection - This is the beauty of martial arts. Every time you practice, you improve. Every time you make a mistake, you learn.
  7. Gradings give you something to aim for and to test yourself. You do not need to chase them, they will come when they are ready.
  8. Observe - Watch the instructor and other members. Study the position and movement of the best members. Start by noticing the position and movements of feet, hands, head, hips and shoulders.
  9. Copy the instructor as best you can and remember what you're told.
  10. Study as much as you can and eventually you will grasp the concepts.
  11. Practice - If you are keen to advance, then try practicing your basic blocks every day. It only takes five minutes. Your body and mind become trained in these movements. So then you can forget them.
  12. You don't have to pay fees to practice at home.
  13. Some students find that practicing their kata is good for relieving stress.
  14. Homework - there are plenty of very good books and videos on the subject of Shotokan karate, so if you are very keen and want to learn outside the lessons then these will be of great benefit. But they cannot replace regular training.
How to tie your belt

Find the middle of the belt and put it in place across your stomache.

Wrap both ends around you with each end coming out the other side and it should fit snuggly around the body.

Take the ends in front and lay them on top of the middle part of the belt with the right end down first and left on top. (The right is the one that started to the left, went behind you and came out to the right)

Tighten if needed and let the excess hang down slightly.

Wrap the left end (now on the right) down, under, and up inside all the other parts of the belt. The left end should now be pointing diagonally up and to your right and the right end pointing diagonally down and to your left.

Bend the left (upper right) end down and to the left of the right (lower left) end.

Then bend the right end up and over the left end and thread it through the loop made by the left end.

Tighten by pulling the ends.

The left end should be pointing down to the left and the right end should be pointing down to the right.

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