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Bradford Bushido Ryu Shotokan Karate Club (est 1985)

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May 2006   ,
Newsletter from Donald June - September 2006

Events for June onwards
Sunday June 4th training at Pool from 11.00am - 1.00pm
Training may be free - depends on weather
Bring trainers / clothes for run (outside)

Saturday 17th June Referee / Time keeper / Score keeper course - 10.30 until 4.30
See Donald for details

Saturday 24th June A.M.A national championships

Sunday 2nd July training at Pool

July 3rd / 5th Gradings at Bradford
Grading costs
10th, 9th, 8th kyu - £6
7th, 6th - £8
5th kyu - £10
4th kyu - £12
3rd kyu - £15
2nd kyu - £20
1st kyu - £25
1st Dan - £35

August 28th / 30th club closed

Donald, Daniel, Robert and Jamie to attend A.M.A summer course in Paris
One week intensive training

Sunday 10th or 17th inter club competition
Kata / Kumite (individual and team)
3 categories - junior / intermediate / senior
Costs - kata £6 individual and team. - Kumite £5. - Team kumite (3 persons) £10

December 2005

A highlight of the year (2005) was Daniel passing his black belt (1st Dan). This was a hard grading for him with plenty of basics, kata, 1 leg kicking and 7 fights but he was ready for it and gave an excellent performance.

Gradings took place in December with the following results

Tayyab Ghazanfar 2nd kyu
Shiho Nakada 8th kyu
Shinobu Mashima 8th kyu

Junior gradings took place in November with the following results

Jordan Doyle 6th kyu
Gemma Amato 7th kyu
Callum Ward 7th kyu
Jade O’Donnell 8th kyu
Charlotte Doyle 9th kyu

Gradings took place in October with the following results

Jamie Lacey 5th kyu
Shaun O’Brien 5th kyu
Emelye O’Brien 7th kyu
Neil Jarvis 9th kyu
Shiho Nakada 9th kyu

September 2005

September was a sad time as two of our favourite members had to leave to return to Japan. Sato and Hiro trained hard and it was a pleasure seeing them progress in the time they were with us. We had a celebratory drink (or two) to 'see them off' and they had presents for the members. I think they both got a taste for traditional english beer (much better than the Japanese drinks).
It was a strange night when Sato started as it was during August when most members were in France on the training course. Just Fred, Shaun and Bee Nee were there so Sato made numbers up to 4. Sato has now passed his black belt back in Japan (well done Sato !)

Gradings took place in September with outstanding performance by both participants

Naofumi Sato 1st kyu
Hirofumi Mitani 3rd kyu

Gradings took place in August with the following results

Jordan Doyle 7th kyu

August 2005

Several members attended the annual course in France. Sited near to Paris the training was excellent. Attendees included Donald Flood, Robert Flood, Matthew Flood, Linda Flood, Christine Ingram, Fred Ingram, Daniel Lacey and Neil Jarvis.

Gradings took place in June with the following results

Hirofumi Mitani 4th kyu
Jamie Lacey 6th kyu
Shaun O’Brien 6th kyu
Takayuki Nakagawa 7th kyu

March 2005

the following were successfull in gradings in March

Daniel Lacey 1st kyu
Naofumi Sato 2nd kyu
Tayyab Ghazanfar 3rd kyu

Neil Bodemeaid 5th kyu
Hirofumi Mitani 5th kyu

Jamie Lacey 7th kyu
Christy Ingram 7th kyu
Mark Ingram 7th kyu
Shaun O’Brien 7th kyu

Bhumika Mistry 8th kyu
Gemma Amato 8th kyu
Jordan Doyle 8th kyu
Takayuki Nakagawa 8th kyu

Ikuko Nakagawa 9th kyu
Will Lilburn Quick 9th kyu
Zeph Lilburn Quick 9th kyu
Callum Ward 9th kyu
Julie Ward 9th kyu

Indigo Lilburn Quick 10th kyu
Thomas Dimberline 10th kyu
Emelye O’Brien 10th kyu

At the recent West Yorkshire Shotokan Karate Association annual competition at Batley sports centre there were excellent results for Bradford Bushido Ryu Shotokan Karate Club.

They took first, second and third place in the senior kumite (fighting at under 75 kg weight). The three who were Paul Holden (1st), Brian Harrison (2nd) and Daniel Lacey (3rd) then went on to win the team kumite event (at open weight).

Paul also took second place in the kata (patterns) while Brian Harrison took third place.

In the kata event (for adult grades up to 6th kyu) Hirofumi Mitani took first place while Neil Bodemeaid took third place.

Excellent performances were also made by Naofumi Sato, Tayyab Ghazanfar and Laura Brigden although no trophies were won this time.

December 2004

December saw the annual kata competition with many successes in all categories.

the following were successfull in gradings in December

Daniel Lacey 2nd kyu
Naofumi Sato 3rd kyu
Michael Walker 3rd kyu
Zac Derler 5th kyu
Neil Bodemeaid 6th kyu
Shaun O’Brien 8th kyu
Callum Ward 10th kyu
Will Lilburn Quick 10th kyu
Jordan Doyle 10th kyu
Jordan Smith 10th kyu
Kyle Montant 10th kyu
Zeph Lilburn Quick 10th kyu
Julie Ward 10th kyu
Jade O’Donnell 10th kyu
September 2004

the following were successfull in gradings in September

Tayyab Ghazanfar 4th kyu
Christy Ingram 8th kyu
Mark Ingram 8th kyu
Bhumika Mistry 9th kyu
Gemma Amato 9th kyu
Peter Walker 9th kyu
Hayley Horsman 8th kyu
Jamie Lacey 8th kyu
August 2004

the following were successfull in gradings in August

Neil Bodemeaid 7th kyu
May 2004

the following were successfull in gradings in May

Christopher Priestley 8th kyu
Emily Mongan 7th kyu
Matteo Amato 7th kyu
April 2004

the following were successfull in gradings in April

Daniel Lacey 3rd kyu
Michael Walker 4th kyu
Blaise Loftus 5th kyu
Connor Cooper 5th kyu
Neil Bodemeaid 8th kyu
Meera Samplay 8th kyu

Junior club

Jamie Lacey 9th kyu
Christy Ingram 10th kyu
Mark Ingram 10th kyu
Bhumika Mistry 10th kyu
Gemma Amato 10th kyu
Jack Cullen 10th kyu
Callum Long 10th kyu
Peter Walker 10th kyu

March 2004

March saw the annual WYSKA competition at Batley Sports Centre. Jamie took second place in the junior kumite while Brian Harrison took second place in senior kata. In the senior kumite Paul took third place in the under 75K category beating Daniel in the playoff while Tony took second place in the over 75k category after a bruising final.

December 2003

December saw our club kata competition and it was well represented with many excellent performances. Trophies were won by many but a good time was had by all.

Paul Holden and Tony Coates both took and passed their 3rd dan gradings during December.

August 2003

Donald, Robert and Linda Flood along with Brian Harrison and Jamie Hogg attended a course in France, which they were very pleased with. Sited near to Paris the facilities and training were excellent. This was followed up with Jamie attending squad training during September.

July 2003

the following were successfull in gradings in July

Zak Derler 6th kyu
Phillip Cook 9th kyu
Jordan McLaughlin 1st kyu

May 2003

On May the 12th Alison took her 3rd dan grading and passed with excellent style and technique.

March 2003

the following were successfull in gradings in March

Jenny Knowles 4th
Tayyab Ghazanfar 5th
Shayne Holden 7th
Christopher Priestley 9th
Emily Mongan 9th
Emma Walker 9th
Jake Anderson 9th
Meera Samplay 9th
Joseph Clough 9th
Zac Shepherd 10th
Kyle Montant 10th
Caleb Sands 10th
Phillip Cook 10th

December 2002

the following were successfull in gradings in December

Brian Harrison 3rd Dan
Christopher Robbins 1st Dan
Karl Robbins 2nd
Katie Baker 5th
Jenny Knowles 5th
Michael Walker 5th
Daniel Driscoll 5th
John Driscoll 5th
Zak Derler 7th
Anthony Tipper 6th
Connor Tod 6th
Christopher Priestley 10th
Emily Mongan 10th
James Buttle 9th
Jack Kipling 10th
Shayne Holden 8th
Emma Walker 10th
James Massheder 10th
Jordan Stefanuti 10th
Joseph Clough 10th
James West 9th
Jake Anderson 10th
Balko Samplay 8th
Meera Samplay 10th
Adil Alam 10th
Trevor Wright 8th

September 2002

6 of our members took part in the West Yorkshire Shotokan Karate Championships held at Bartley Sports Centre.
Successful candidates included John Driscoll who took first place in Kata and second place in fighting. His brother Daniel took second place in kata and third place in fighting.
Karl Robbins took second place in fighting while brother Chris did not win anything this time. This is unusual for Chris who has in the past taken first places in kata, kumite and team kumite in one competition.

March 2002

Two ex members to return recently are Paul Holden and Alison Gledhill. Both are very welcome additions as their style and technique are first class. Also Brian Harrison 2nd dan has recently joined our club.

At the grading in March 2002 Tony Minter and Jamie Hogg took black belt gradings. Tony was successful at 2nd dan while Jamie passed his first black belt grading. In addition to this the following took part in kyu gradings.

Karl Robbins 3rd
Clifford Ibson 6th
Tayyab Ghazanfar 6th
Michael Walker 7th
Jenny Knowles 7th
Katie Baker 7th
Daniel Driscoll 7th
Antony Tipper 8th
Connor Todd 8th
Zak Derler 8th
Joshua Flerin 8th
Luke Clough 8th
Dale Irving 9th
John Driscoll 9th
Balko Samplay 9th
Kristian Birkett 9th
Daniel Nelson 9th

December 2001

Robert Flood came home from university and trained for an odd session or two. The recent return of Matthew Hill is a welcome addition to our club; lets hope he keeps coming regularly. The junior club is not as well attended as we would have hoped as several members have moved to the senior club. Looks like we need a recruitment campaign again. If you know anyone who may be interested in joining us just ask the to come along.

Gradings took place at the end of the year and there were a number of successful candidates. This was followed by a club kata competition. Although competition was tough there were many successes and a good night was had by all.

October 2001

Just to update you on a few things that have happened over the recent months.

After several months (years) away it’s good to have Aron Durkin back again (and a foot bigger).

Also back after quite a break is Jennie Clough and son Luke.

Robert Flood will not be training regularly with us as he is away at university in London.


Junior members - Some of the junior members have been making excellent progress recently and this showed up at the recent grading in September. The standard was high and the following were successful.

Amber Thiara 5th
Aaron Thiara 5th
Karl Robbins 5th
Tayyab Ghazanfar 7th
Matteo Amato 9th
Daniel Driscoll 9th
Michael Walker 9th
Jenny Knowles 9th
Katie Baker 10th
Antony Tipper 10th
Connor Tod 10th
Zak Derler 10th
Balko Samplay 10th

Senior members - Successes for the senior members included the following

Jamie Hogg 1st kyu
Michael Leonard 8th
Clifford Ibson 8th
Jatinder Randhawa 8th

The next gradings will take place towards the end of the year.

Competition - Batley Sports Centre West Yorkshire Shotokan Karate Association recently held a competition for both junior and senior members at Batley sports centre. We took 11 members to compete in both Kumite (fighting) and Kata.

In the senior mens category Paul Holden and Tony Coates performed very well in the kata with both getting through to the last 4. Matthew Flood and Robert Skelly also competed in this event. Paul started well in the Kumite and won his first fight in style. Unfortunately the after effects of flu caught up with him and he could not carry on. Tony fought with excellent style and won his first 2 fights very easily. The third fight seemed to be going the same way until an unfortunate cut underneath his toe brought an end to his day. He was leading by 4 points to 1 against the man who eventually won the Kumite. The cut on his foot also stopped him competing in the kata finals but Paul went on to take the second place trophy. Just think what they might have done if they actually trained.

Robert Skelly and Aron Durkin fought in the 15 – 17 years section with Robert going on to take the second place trophy.

Jamie Hogg fought in the junior section but unfortunately did not reach the finals but in the 4 foot 7 inches and under section Christopher Robbins fought well to win the first place trophy.

In the peewee section Tayyab Ghazanfar, Karl Robbins and Daniel Driscoll all fought well but did not get trophies although Daniel took 4th place in both kata and Kumite. Just to update you on a few things that have happened over the recent months. 

Gradings - Junior members

Some of the junior members have been making excellent progress recently and this showed up at the recent grading in February. The standard was high and the following were successful.

Christopher Robbins 2nd kyu
Jamie Hogg 2nd
Mandeep Thiara 6th
Balbir Thiara 6th
Karl Robbins 6th
Amber Thiara 6th
Arron Thiara 6th
Gemma Frost 7th
Leanne O’Neill 7th
Jennie Kecic 7th
Emily Kecic 7th
Tayyab Ghazanfar 8th
Matteo Amato 10th
Alana Fairfax 10th
Robert Howker 10th
Matthew Frost 10th

A big congratulation is due to Donald who was awarded his fifth dan by the technical committee of the Amateur Martial Association (A.M.A.) which is the association we are affiliated to. This is long overdue and gives Donald the credit that his karate deserves. We are privileged to train with someone of his standard.

Some of the black belts went over to Andy Harris’s club in February to train and take a grading. Andy, who is a 6th Dan, is probably the leading shotokan karate instructor in the A.M.A. Tony Coates, Matthew Flood and Robert Flood were all awarded second Dan and Robert Skelly was awarded first Dan. Congratulations to all of them.

Competition - Rothwell Sports Centre

The West Yorkshire Shotokan Karate Association recently held a competition for junior members at Rothwell sports centre. We took 9 members to compete in both Kumite (fighting) and Kata. The day started badly when we arrived to find there was a 10km road race just about to start and parking was impossible.

When we signed in the first event was quickly started which turned out to be team fighting. All the competitors (over 60 of them from 5 years old to 15 years old) were put into teams of 5 members so they were fighting with people they did not know. Successes in this were Tayyab’s team who came second and Christopher’s team who were third.

Next the individual fighting took place and there were some excellent performances. One or two were unlucky to lose early on. Amber and Arron were victims of a mix up when the person that Arron beat went through to the next round. Amber won her first fight and was ready to fight again. When her name was called out to fight, Arron was so keen he jumped up in her place. Unfortunately he did not win for her. Tayyab also won a fight in this section but did not quite make the final. 

Jordan McLaughlin and Karl Robbins both fought through to the smallest group final where Jordan just pipped Karl for first place.

In the middle section Matteo and Alana, who were both competing in their first competitions, put up some good fighting performances but did not quite make the finals.

Christopher Robbins beat everyone he came up against and won another first place trophy.

In the larger section Jordan Goff fought through to the finals but just missed out on a trophy by losing in the last 4. There were one or two very big lads for 15 year olds in this section.

In the kata competition there were some notable performances. Matteo just missed out on the finals coming in 5th place but Alana did make the finals. Unfortunately she just missed out on a trophy.

Christopher did some excellent Kata and although it took a ‘playoff’ he came home with another first place trophy. Jordan Goff made up for his disappointment at not getting a fighting trophy by coming second in his kata category.