Bradford Bushido Ryu Shotokan Karate Club (est. 1985)

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Dojo Etiquette

There are certain standards which must be adhered to in the dojo in order to show proper respect to instructors, other students and to the spirit of karate.


  1. Bow when entering or leaving the Dojo.
  2. Address any instructor as "Sensei" whilst in the Dojo.
  3. "Oss" is a sign of respect and is used generally in Karate especially in the following situations:-
    • When receiving instruction or advice from the Instructor, the student should reply by answering "Oss".
    • When bowing at the start and finish of the class.
    • When bowing to your partner during Kumite.
    • In any other appropriate situation, for instance during gradings or competitions.
  4. Train regularly, at least twice a week.
  5. Do not leave the class without first obtaining permission from the Instructor before the start of the class.
  6. Any member arriving late must wait, with raised hand, for the sensei to give permission to join in.
  7. Finger and toenails must be kept clean and short and be aware of personal hygiene.
  8. Gis must be kept clean and in good condition.
  9. Jewelery (rings, bracelets, neck chains etc) must not be worn during training. If you can't get a ring off then tape must be wrapped around it.
  10. Apply for a license from the W.A.K.O. as soon as possible. Remember this is your insurance.
  11. Members must not commit any act against the etiquette of the Dojo. eg. smoke, chew, spit.
  12. Members must not use their skills in an offensive way outside the Dojo.

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